Why does AC have 16 Degrees as the lowest temperature?

As summer approaches, we’re starting to feel like fish out of water, gasping for cool air. We only want to leave our houses to go to Air-Conditioned (AC) locations or water parks because of the awful and life-threatening heatwave, summer wind and humidity.

At home, we constantly take baths to beat the sun along with utilising our fans, coolers and ACs to the fullest. We are missing the winters more than ever with getting out of home feels like a battle with ourselves – Sweating like a pig, being dehydrated with major sunstrokes as our share. And summer wind gives us a Sahara desert feel, slicing our skin and eyes like a razor.

The only thing that keeps us safe and cold is AC with 24 degrees being the default temperature and 16 degrees being the lowest. So, why does an AC have a minimum temperature of 16 degrees?

  • The objective of an AC is to produce a pleasant temperature for the users, not to provide an intolerable temperature.
  • A temperature of 16°C is too cold for newborns and those dressed in summer clothing, thus resulting in health problems.
  • Lowering the temperature below 16°C will necessitate a significant amount of energy usage. The compressor should be large enough to handle the added workload.
  • Condensation will freeze on the coils at 16 degrees, halting air flow.
  • Instead of the customary 5–6 years, you’ll need to replace your AC in 3 years.
  • Your bones will weaken faster than those over 50, making them more vulnerable to shattering in the event of a minor mishap.
  • A low temperature lowers the humidity in the room, allowing many of these water vapours to escape, leaving our skin dry.

However, the Indian government wants you to use AC with a default setting of 24 degrees to save energy and the environment while keeping people healthy, but many people see this as an infringement on their freedom to choose. According to research, raising the temperature of the AC by one degree can save up to 6% of electricity.

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