Why do we hate listening to our voice?

Why do we hate listening to our voice?

Humans are the most diverse group of misfits. We say something, do something, we badly want something, and when we get it, we only regret it. We change so much that it’s often difficult to figure out who we are. But one thing that most of us have in common is our aversion to hearing ourselves on tape. Voice confrontation, which is connected to self-confrontation, is the phenomenon of a person disliking the sound of their own voice.

So, why do we dislike hearing ourselves on record? Why do we squirm when someone plays our audio or video? All we want to do is run or make real efforts to unhear ourselves.

Here are the reasons:

  • The most frequent cause of our anxiety is that our recorded voice does not sound exactly how we anticipate it to. The low frequency that we normally hear is missing.
  • We cringe because we sound higher-pitched than we think we should.
  • Our voice is really influential in shaping our identity and no one wants to find that there are living in a bubble far away from reality. 

You can know a lot from someone’s voice, like:

  • It reveals a person’s height.
  • Trying to figure out how old a person speaking is.
  • A person’s sexiness or attractiveness can be determined.
  • Reveal your personality whether you are an extrovert or an introvert.
  • Trustworthiness can be known by a simple ‘Hello’.
  • The depth of a person’s voice determines their strength.
  • It can influence your career especially during hiring process.

You must focus on accepting and embracing yourself, no matter what your voice sounds like. Both reality and self-perception are equally significant.

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