Why We Are So Obsessed With Astrology?

The possibility of knowing what’s coming next is fascinating to all. And to crack that, we all sometimes go Astrology way. We know it’s not always accurate but even a chance of getting whatever happening in life on leach makes us go blind and crazy. 

People have used astrology for everything from the birth of their child to teenage life to adult life where it really comes in handy as per our elders. However, some of us, just use astrology for fun over the hype they write.

So, Why we are so obsessed with Astrology:

  • It fascinates us all
    We love the predictions related to our signs and are definitely halted by posts that ask, “What’s your sign?” We enjoy astrology, even though we realise it’s not the most scientifically sound science.
  • A sense of uncertainty
    People look for patterns and significance in both meaningful and meaningless events in their life. Human brains are hard-wired for pattern-seeking, according to research, and we’ve survived through evolution and learning vital lessons by finding patterns in our environment, a process known as “association learning.”
  • Looking Within
    When you study your zodiac signs, you get self-assurance and additional ways to define yourself. According to estimates, women account for 70% of self-help sector customers, and women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression.
  • Take Control of everything
    This mainly pertains to women who are perfectionists and have the habit of expecting things to go their way, a notion known as Locus of Control. According to reports, those in lower socioeconomic positions (such as women) appear to have external behavioural styles.
  • Stress
    People are unsure and uncontrollable in their attitudes about their lives, which leads to tension and anxiety. Stress, according to a study, is caused by our uncertainty (negativity) about future events. As a result, to find certainty, we turn to astrology for guidance.
  • Barnum effect
    We all have a habit of associating ourselves with people, things or situations and when we stumble across zodiac signs that provide remotely accurate readings, we go nuts. So, whenever we are reading horoscopes, we fell prey to the Barnum effect.
  • Mind Blindness
    We are so preoccupied with finding answers that we lose sight of the truth with us being the answers. People’s scepticism of astrology stems from their mental ignorance.
  • Same as God
    God is mystical, and he instils hope in people, whether or not it is justified. Astrology triumphs thanks to this rationale.
  • They like the Action
    They are enthralled by the stories told to them. The stories that portray them to be best among the rest. However, people make the mistake of assuming that they are correct. 

We take astrology seriously, yet we aren’t certain that it is accurate. It’s just a way of looking at things as we are always looking for narratives to help connect past, present, and future through aspirations and expectations, and astrology can help. It’s an illogical type of hope provider.

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