What to Do When You Feel Like Running Away from Everything

We all have been in a place where we were too weak or too unyielding to accept what was happening with us. We were too unrealistic, lost in our own teeny tiny world of possibilities. So, when life paid a visit, we were clouded by the constellation of concern and anxiety and at the same time felt, everything slipping away. And at times like this, the only way out for us is Running away. 

Running away is a strategy of escaping our existing world—a reality that isn’t serving us in the way we deserve and desire. Running away from the agony we’re experiencing frequently feels like the greatest option.

People will say that you are suffering from Depression or Mental Health but the truth is – You just don’t want to be around people. People bring out the worst in you, even your best friend’s expectations can make you not care enough. The fact that you genuinely do not care about everything else around you is really alarming. 

If you feel like it is the only option, DO IT:
You are free to run for as long as you desire. You are not required to leave your room. Simply lock your door, switch off your phone, and turn out the lights. Watch movies and TV shows, or do anything else that makes you feel good about yourself. Do what makes you joyful, not what makes you anxious. Go shopping, play video games, Date people, eat as much as you want, travel alone, spend time with dogs and children.

But then What?
I’m guessing you’ll sleep, dream, rest, meditate, watch, play and eventually tyre of being alone. Future objectives will be set by you. You’ll conjure up images of happy situations involving friends and relatives. 

You’ll feel revitalised and rejuvenated when you leave. Make sure you read the message you’re sending yourself. Taking a break is the message you are receiving right now. Life is short, but it can also be long if we’re fortunate. You can take a break.

Remember, Running away not only puts a halt to resolving the fundamental problem, but it also has the potential to harm your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. 

Guiding Principles for Everyone: 

  • Don’t pretend to be fine when confronted with reality is a big deal in life because it teaches you how to conquer fear, which always pushes you backwards.
  • Never keep your troubles concealed from a trusted relative/friend since he or she may know the solution to most of them, and the rest will be dealt with by you.
  • Develop a positive mindset and get rid of any negative thinking habits that are destroying you rather than strengthening you. They feed on your positive thoughts and infect the good ones before they hatch.

Tips to be Happy without Running: 

We all need a reset button again and then when we can just step away and return with a new viewpoint. You certainly can with the following tips:

  • Being with yourself is fine, it’s not sad or bad in any way.
  • Start learning something new.
  • Schedule “me” time for an hour or two every day.
  • Try to keep your phone away, try tech detox.
  • Start to love yourself even more with fitness workouts.
  • Start cooking as a hobby.
  • Treat yourself to a shopping spree.
  • Travel solo around your town.
  • Get into the Nostalgic mode through the Memories of the past.

Do some self-examination to figure out what’s driving your immediate impulse to leave. Take some time to work out what obligations you can minimise or shift if you’re feeling stressed in your life. Running away may provide momentary comfort, but unless you find a solution before returning, it will exacerbate your worry and leave you feeling miserable or hopeless.

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