Reasons Why Kids need to go to School as Soon as Possible

The world has been suffering from COVID-19 for so long that it seems impossible to picture a world without it. We’ve grown so accustomed to working from home and studying from home (No going to School/College) that it has made us sluggish and, at times, unwilling to socialize with others while being dependent on delivery services for way too much. 

Technology has proved to be a boon as people can now connect to everyone in the world from practically any device, at any time and from anywhere. This is revolutionizing the way people work, allowing them to collaborate with colleagues across time zones, countries, and continents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This has also helped us to know what’s happening across the world and stay in touch beyond geographical areas.

However, keep in mind that there are two sides to every coin, and that this technology has also proven to be a bane. The online classes, which were a lifesaver at the outset of this two-year journey, have now turned into an ulcer.

It all began with the primary intention of providing a secure atmosphere for the children to study. However, following the initial wave, some children stayed at home and studied through online schools, while others went to school. With the prospect of the third wave lurking, I believe they will remain at home, seated in front of a laptop screen. 

The question is till when? Meanwhile, let’s go through the reasons why kids need to go to school as soon as possible:

  • To begin with, it appears that parents and guardians are attending school. During my niece’s online classes, I frequently sit alongside her. And, to be honest, it’s difficult for me to keep my cool when she refuses to write or engage in class. In her defense, she is a kid who, like all of us, requires a decent education via school. She will be unable to learn at home and would excel properly in a traditional way of studying. 
  • Second, the children feel bored while studying at home. They may attend classes regularly, but the lack of teacher-student interaction, as well as proper discipline and peers, might have an impact on their social, physical, and mental development.
  • Third, educators overwhelm students with so much homework that it appears as if they will perish while attempting to write or make a wonderful assignment. Getting the students to work up a sweat and finish their homework appears to be a major accomplishment.
  • Fourth, completing homework has become a nightmare for parents and guardians, since some of it is far beyond the level of an Ist grade student. We understand that these Homework are meant to encourage a child’s creativity, but not all children are the same, just as not all fingers are the same size.
  • Fifth, the examinations are ineffective because children might seek assistance from their parents and guardians.
  • Sixth, this is the time when children form their ambitions of becoming somebody, and because they are confined to their houses, they will have a strong desire to play not to become someone or something.
  • Finally, their behavior has gotten more grumpy and furious as a result of being cooped up in their homes and watching television and playing games on their phones all the time. They act angrily when their phones are taken away; what else can we expect? Their growth has been stalled as well.

The cost of these online classes cost a fortune, and you’ll need a good internet connection and a laptop to benefit from them. My question is, how long will our kids study from home, and are we to complete our schooling with them all over again. If yes, don’t parents and guardians also deserve a degree?

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