Stop Criticizing Yourself Now

The fact that we can do anything is really a scam. Not everyone has the strength or courage to fight what they have been bestowed upon and clearly, they don’t believe hurting the people close to them can result in their happiness or success in life. They believe that with the love and support of family and friends they can thaw anything and everything that comes their way.

So, the question remains why are we still so madly Hard on ourselves?

  • Are we living in an alternate reality where we are having everything we ever wanted and thus have to shun the doors to our very own reality?
  • Have we settled on what life has offered us, thinking this is it?
  • Have we stopped fighting with our demons and are instead focusing on all the bad stuff?
  • Have we been so influenced by others’ opinions so much that no matter what our accomplishments or skills are, we still look at ourselves in the harshest ways?

So, Here’s how we can take a step back from all the self-criticism:

  • Understand your inner psychic: You can make the biggest blunder of your life by not listening to your own voice. The sooner you hear them, the more at ease and comfortable you’ll be with your demons and life. For example, if you’ve always wanted to travel, start by travelling with friends to nearby locations, then gradually dump them and embark on your own solo vacation, where you’re the master and author of your own destiny.
  • Stop making Assumptions: I believe that 3/4 of our difficulties arise from our presumption of the worst-case scenario. For example, you see a man with an axe on your way to work every day and conclude he’s dangerous since he’s Buffy, never speaks, and carries an axe. But the problem is that if you don’t talk to him and haven’t seen him do anything wrong, how can you presume the worst?
  • Make “What If’s” positive questions: The human mind never ceases to astound me by surprising me with thoughts of the worst-case possibilities that have resulted in people squandering opportunities and losing loved ones. So, starting today, start focusing on the positive WHAT IFs, and you’ll always be in control of the various circumstances that may befall you.
  • Channel your emotions timely: As humans, we are prone to making mistakes, which makes us all flawed; thus, rather than feeling guilt and humiliation for ourselves and allowing it to sink deep within, we should embrace it. You can simply channel it and feel the emotions before releasing them. They will ruin you and the ones you love if you let them into your hearts or thoughts. It’s a lovely sensation to let go of such guilt, and you may utilise meditation to keep those feelings at bay.

Even the sensation of triumphing over your demons is wonderful news for a person. People have squandered their lives looking for happiness in the wrong places and things when all they needed to do was look within and discover serenity.

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