Everything You Need To Know About Yesterdays Internet Outage

The world has been overrun by the Internet, and without it, even the most basic chores are difficult. This was demonstrated yesterday when the Internet went down, rendering Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram unavailable for almost six hours. 

So, what went wrong?
Due to a DNS (Domain Name System) issue, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were unavailable for several hours yesterday. Changes to the Facebook network infrastructure are to blame for the downtime. 

Internal Facebook services were also affected by the outage yesterday, making it impossible for employees to access emails, the internal chat system known as Workplace, and even some doors at the company’s headquarters, according to reports. 

As Facebook suffered a rare outage, Mark Zuckerberg lost $5.9 billion in a single day, according to Whistleblower Testimony. 

Not the first time for Facebook:
The last time Facebook experienced a blackout like this was in 2019 when the network was down for 14 hours. It had gone dark for a day a decade before, in 2008.

After the 2020 US presidential election, people have chastised Facebook for prioritising “profits above people” and failing to maintain measures against misinformation. 

Who gained from this?
It provided a chance for competitors, with Signal tweeting that it has received a large surge of customers who are currently unable to send messages using WhatsApp. Meanwhile, users all across the world are using Twitter to create jokes, and even Google appears to be joining in the fun. 

Who earlier had been through the Outage?
On June 8, a large portion of the Internet was down, including popular sites like Reddit, Twitch, and several more. In August 2020, there was a major outage affecting Google, which had a significant impact. 

We live in an internet world where outrage can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. As a result, keep your personal information private and your loved ones near to your heart.

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