J&K Students Booked under UAPA for Celebrating for Pakistan

Winning and losing are both a part of life, but in the case of the India-Pakistan match, it becomes a matter of respect and death. We recently had a T20 World Cup match on a beautiful Sunday, which ended with India losing big time to Pakistan. 

As a result of the victory, Indian cricketers, particularly Mohammad Shami, was unfairly targeted. Meanwhile, people were celebrating Pakistan’s victory with Fireworks in several regions of the country. 

So, to keep the country in balance and encourage national cohesion, the government will put UAPA on people who flag Anti-Indian Slogans along with anti-country activities.

So, What is UAPA?

The prosecution of the guilty will be carried out under section 13 of the Unlawful Activities Protection Act, but only with the authorization of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The authorization of the respective state government is required for prosecution under sections 16, 17, and 18.

The law’s principal goal is to give governments the capability to deal with acts that threaten India’s integrity and sovereignty. 

Recently, UAPA FIRs have been filed against two Kashmir college Students and Staffs for Anti-India Sloganeering during the Indo-Pak match, which has caused outrage on social media. 

If you think that’s too much, read this.

For displaying the Indian flag on his rooftop, a Pakistani fan of Virat Kohli was sentenced to ten years in prison. During the India-Australia match, not the India-Pakistan match, he was rooting for him. 

A Good Way to Go:

As an Indian, I am deeply disappointed by such behaviour and the direction we are heading. Setting an unmistakable example by enacting UAPA is the best way to prevent future fanaticism. For such crimes, the law should be stronger and this should also include those who raise objections to such actions. 

Not politicalism, but nationalism or patroism. It’s a great step forward for the law. When you live in India, use its resources, and work in India, you should not be a traitor to the country. 

“You can support any country, but you cannot act in any way that would jeopardise national harmony. “

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