Women don’t want to get Married or Have Baby – Is it the Truth?

I am not a Child-Bearing Machine, I am more than that.”

One of Karnataka’s ministers recently stated, “Today’s Modern Indian women don’t want to get married or produce children; instead, they prefer surrogacy.” 

This statement offended me at first, but after thinking about it for a while, I realised that I am one of those women. I’m not interested in getting married, and even if I did, I’m not interested in having children. And, rather than surrogacy, I favour adoption because millions of orphaned children yearn for a stable home. 

So, Why women are opting for such an unconventional way?

  • First, because society has burdened women with the responsibility of caring for their children while committing and putting their own life on wait as mothers. Since mothers and daughters are supposed to be all about sacrifice. 
  • Second, society’s insistence on having a husband and children to be whole is absurd. Why is it necessary to be with someone to feel happy and secure? If you do what they say and your marriage ends in divorce, the blame and shame they heap on you are pitiful. 
  • Third, society must acknowledge that a person’s job is the most important objective in life and that if a man deserves a lady, they will end up together rather than forcing someone into an unhappy marriage. 
  • In what world is it wrong to adopt or have a child through surrogacy? You are a god if you can shelter a homeless and parentless child. Surrogacy in India is an option if you are unable to conceive a kid. 
  • Most importantly, the shackles of home, family, and society do not bind today’s women. Women today are smart, independent, and know what they want, which frightens today’s insecure and unorthodox men, who want women to suffer like they did before they had rights. 

We all want good things in life, but not at the expense of self-sacrifice or losing oneself on the way. Whether it’s about housework, child care, or work, I believe in a 50/50 partnership. 

Accepting a lady and her decisions demands a real man. Ladies, don’t tame yourself; be proud of your choices and take accountability for them. Society is a lie! 

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