Marvel’s What If Animated Series Paints Quite A Picture

The multiverse and the potential of multiple realities have been with us since we first watched Loki Series. The question What If has us on a loop for a long time, and it was ultimately answered when Marvel brought in the series. 

The series eloquently depicted the harsh realities that had occurred in the other universes, as well as how the major protagonists were not as valiant as they appeared to be, and how they died or, worse, did not have their own heroic origin stories.

The series ponders questions like:

  • What if Agent Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier Serum and became Captain America instead. 
  • What if T’Challa instead of being the King of Wakanda and Black Panther became Starlord.
  • What if Ant-Man ‘Hank Pym’ was arbitrarily killing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes after his daughter was slain in one of SHIELD’s missions? 
  • What if, instead of losing his hand, Dr. Strange loses his love (Christine Palmer) and uses the Eye of Agamotto to bring her back, destroying his world in the process? 
  • What if Hank Pym returns from the Quantum Realm with his wife Janet, who has been infected with a virus and has turned all avengers into cannibalistic zombies. Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlett Witch, and more characters are transformed into their most horrific incarnations in this episode. 
  • What if Tony Stark’s origin narrative began with him being rescued by Killmonger? How he used Tony’s genius to achieve his ultimate objective of becoming Wakandian King by assassinating Rhodey, Tony, Klaw, T’Challa, and others in the way. 
  • What if Odin, as a nice gesture, handed Loki to the Frostgiants, leaving Thor as the lone kid, and a spoiled one at that? How he throws parties with people from all around the universe on various planets before destroying them. 

    The episode answers the most important question of all: Who is the Most Powerful? Captain Marvel or Thor. We get a glimpse of Ultimate Ultron here. 
  • This episode answers the question: What if Ultron succeeded in creating his bionic android Vision, and thereby in eliminating humanity? Clint and Natasha are the only people on the Earth, and they seek out Arnim Zolo to use him as a virus to corrupt Ultron. 

    Meanwhile, we witness Ultron slicing Ultron and seizing his infinite stones, transforming into the Ultimate Ultron, who appears to be lost after destroying his universe’s planets. However, after listening to the Watcher, he realises they are multiverses. He engages in combat with the Watcher and proceeds to eliminate them as well. 
  • The last episode depicts multiple heroes banding together to confront Ultron. Captain Carter, Gamora, Killmonger, Dr. Strange, Natasha Romanoff, and T’Challa are among the heroes who fight Ultron to keep the multiverse from collapsing. 

The presentation depicted several versions of how a hero is created. 

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