The Most Intriguing World Facts You’ll Ever Come Across

The world is full with interesting, exciting, and fascinating information, with over 200 countries and around 7.8 billion people.

So, here are some fun facts about the planet and its ever-increasing population:

  1. About 69 percent of the world’s freshwater is stored in glaciers and ice sheets. 
  2. Hawaii is the perfect location on the planet to observe rainbows. 
  3. Greenland has fossilised plants under 1.4 km of ice. 
  4. Flowers are changing colour as a result of climate change. 
  5. Dentistry is the world’s oldest profession. 
  6. The only places where Coca-Cola is not available are North Korea and Cuba. 
  7. Los Angeles could accommodate the entire world’s population. 
  8. France receives more visitors than any other country. 
  9. Indonesia is home to some of the world’s shortest people. 
  10. In 50 years, the Earth’s ozone layer will be fully recovered. 
  11. Every second, four new babies are born. 
  12. Japan is the most earthquake-prone country on the planet. 
  13. Muhammad is generally considered to be the most popular name on the planet. 
  14. Nearly 90% of the world’s rural population is concentrated in Africa and Asia. 
  15. Over 52% of the global population is under the age of 30. 
  16. The world is divided into more than 24 time zones. 
  17. Sweden is thought to have more islands than any other country. 
  18. The “most normal” person in the world is right-handed, earns less than $12,000 per year, owns a cellphone, and has no bank account. 
  19. The newest country on earth is South Sudan. 
  20. Canada owns 9% of the world’s forest land. 
  21. Sign language is recognised as an official language in 41 nations. 
  22. Around 86 percent of adults in the world are literate. 
  23. Pets are more common in New Zealand households than in any other country. 
  24. Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolis, with a population of 37 million people. 
  25. Every second, about two individuals die. 
  26. Facebook has more users than the combined populations of the United States, China, and Brazil. 

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