Best Free English Grammar & Writing Apps

The desire to write knows no bounds, yet when one makes even the most little grammatical or spelling errors, it becomes monotonous and annoying at times. 

So, knowing the apps that will assist you in preserving your creative streak without having to worry about grammar or spelling errors is essential and the need of the hour. So, I have listed down the apps that will help you in improving your writing skills as well.

Grammarly – Your Writing Assistant
Grammarly is a cloud-based writing helper that checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery errors across several platforms. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and find a suitable replacement for the error it discovers. 

Ginger – Free Grammar Checker
Ginger is utilised to promote productivity, improve written communication, and develop English speaking skills. The tool, which is powered by AI, can discover misspellings and grammar errors, as well as propose richer phrasing and smoother synonyms for all of your writing projects. 

Hemingway Editor for Clarity and Readability
Hemingway Editor is created to assist authors by providing a “readability” score, which indicates how difficult it is to read a piece of work. A sentence checker and word count are included, as well as a colour-coded sentence analysis that flags common flaws including passive voice, overused words, complex sentences, and more. It then gives you some useful hints for improving your writing. 

Slick Write for the Love of Writing and Busting out Writer’s Block
Slick write addresses passive voice, prepositional phrases, readability, vocabulary diversity, sentence patterns, and a whole load of other factors you might not have even considered until you started using the tool. 

Writesonic – Best AI Alternative Content Writing Tool
Writesonic, useful for coming up with ideas for blog posts, landing page headlines, YouTube titles, analogies, product names, and other things. The platform helps businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to public organisations, generate better marketing copy quickly and easily. 

QuillBot – Paraphrasing Tool
QuillBot’s paraphrase tool uses cutting-edge AI to assist millions of people to rewrite and improve any sentence, paragraph, or article. 

Happy Writing!

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