Feeling Stuck? Here’s What You Should Do!

Someone who is confined or powerless to improve their situation is said to be “Stuck.”
Whether they’re stuck in a relationship with no way out, a career with no prospects, or a feeling of worthlessness. If someone gets stuck, they require help. 

Recurring thoughts, damaging impulses, unpleasant feelings, or destructive behaviours indicate that we’re locked in our habits from the past, rather than living our best lives now. 

We’ve gone through it and return to the place on a regular basis. So, here’s how you deal with such degrading emotions: 

  • Breathe: We all have terrible memories that come back to bother us now and then, and dwelling on them doesn’t help. Accepting them and gradually letting go of them will be really beneficial. Take a few deep breaths till you feel at ease. 
  • Maturity: The best approach to let go of the past is to acknowledge that it was your history and that you can now use the mistakes you made in the past to effectively write your present and future. 
  • Meditation: Your previous mistakes might cloud your judgements and cause you to make the same mistakes over and over. It is at this point that you should meditate. Close your eyes and discharge all negative energy from your body with a deep breath. Imagine your breath as a cloud of white smoke or wind, carrying your negative feelings away. 
  • Focus on the Present: Fill your mind with thoughts about your current state of affairs and how far you’ve progressed as a result of your previous challenges. Remember that being caught in the past may be crushing, so the best thing you can do is acknowledge what’s going on and refocus on the present moment. 
  • Let go of Negative Opinions: We bring ourselves down by judging, moaning, making excuses, fearing the world, making pessimistic forecasts, self-devaluation, and so on.

These ideas can have a negative impact on our quality of life, self-esteem, and emotional health. Remembering how we became stuck with these fixed, self-limiting beliefs in the first place is the key to getting rid of them. Try asking yourself the below questions:

  • Is there any reason for you to think this way that is based on reality?
  • Why do you keep having these thoughts in your head?
  • Will anything good come of it?
  • Should you put your trust in someone who told you these things?
  • Is there a compelling cause to suspect that things aren’t as they seem? 
  • What made us believe these ideas in the first place?
  • Who said they were true?
  • Were these unfavourable things told to us by someone we trusted?

Do not forget, your opinion of you matters the most. What other think of you should never bring you down, because they must be saying so out of spite, jealously, love. They want to pull you down and it is your job, to never let such people see the chink in your armour.

Be bold, be You! Spread the love!

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