Graduates Opening Tea Stalls to Support their Family, Educated Unemployment Grips the Nation!

The crisis of unemployment has crippled the nation the most during the Coronavirus era. The nations main problem has always been ignored or over-shadowed by caste, creed, religion, temples and more. 

People fight unnecessary battles like BJP vs Congress, Hindu vs Muslim, Temples vs Mosques, Modi vs Gandhi, and in the process, they forget Unemployment, which has become so prevalent that now people with Master’s degrees have opted for below their pay-grade jobs like Sweeper, Chaiwala, Pakodawala and more. 

The situation is known as Educated Unemployment that has defined the 90’s Kids, Gen Z and the Millenials. These literate people have been waiting for a job and have been actively applying but with no scope of hope.

What does PM Modi Say on India’s Job Issue?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview with Sudhir Chaudhary (Zee News) in January 2018, asked, “If a man selling pakoras outside the Zee TV office takes home Rs 200 at the end of the day, is that not employment?” 

In a desperate attempt to prove himself correct, PM Modi stated that India’s youth will never be able to escape poverty in this manner. His statement received backlash from Congress Party, which said, if frying pakoras is considered work, then begging should be as well.  

PM Modi has been in constant support of Startups and has been encouraging them but what about a person who wants to do a government job and live life riskfree? 

The limited or no vacancy has resulted in youth shifting to Private Sectors and Entrepreneurship, where the clouds of uncertainty and constant struggle has gripped the country’s youth into oblivion.

Women’s engagement in the workforce is now just as crucial as men’s in running their households. According to a Tata Sons-Dalberg study, nearly 120 million Indian women have completed secondary school but are not employed. 

Note: Women’s employment could add 31 trillion rupees, or $440 billion, to India’s GDP, according to the Tata-Dalberg study, but several structural disadvantages hindered women from entering the workforce, ranging from social taboos and gender standards to safety and mobility. 

Crucial for the Country’s Development:

According to the United Nations Development Programme, India will need to create roughly 300 million jobs between 2015 and 2050 to reap the benefits of its demographic dividend.

However, these positions cannot include frying snacks by the side of the road or begging. They must be created in labour-intensive and stable economic sectors, primarily the formal manufacturing sector. 

Truth: The harsh reality is that (0’s Kids, Gen Z and Millennials are trapped in a low-wage environment. Either they have low-paying or uncertain occupations, or they don’t have any jobs at all.

The future of Millennials is as unpredictable as of 90’s kids and Gen Z. The reason being the change of work nature every year. Finding a job with social security to sustain their family and future generations is an issue they encounter. 

What should be done to better the situation?

  • Close the Unrecognised Universities across the country and those universities with below-par standards like Outdated curriculum, inferior teaching resources, lack of basic infrastructure. Also, limiting the no. of colleges and universities as per the geographical needs is crucial.
  • India is among the top 5 countries to have the highest number of students going to universities. So, to cut off the ever-rising population rate – Awareness about Unwanted births and vital laws on abortion is mandatory. Two-Child Policy with rewards and punishments should be put into effect.
  • Encouraging women into taking up jobs even after marriage.
  • Companies should invest in substantial training programmes for graduates to ensure that they are work-ready.

Educated unemployment is a serious problem that requires ongoing attention, and as Indians, we should be concerned about our own rather than the BJP, Congress, or temples. Remember, over around 47% of graduates in India are not suitable for any kind of industry role. Fight for your right, don’t let the unnecessary issues tangle you.

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