Taliban Captures Afghanistan, What will Happen to Afghans Now?

The ongoing crisis in Afghanistan has made the world smaller. The Taliban have successfully taken control of the country and the so-called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has left the country in the hour of need. He left only hours after Taliban fighters appeared on the outskirts of Kabul and asked that authority be transferred to avert violence.

Kabul, the final prize in every Afghan conflict, fell to the Taliban on Sunday, completing their control of the nation in a lightning onslaught that saw provinces and warlords surrender without a fight, only days after US forces were hastily withdrawn. 

The choice by the US president to end America’s longest battle has undone 20 years of hard work and sacrifice, prepared the path for a humanitarian disaster, and put US legitimacy into doubt. All I am concerned about are its people and their future. 

Let me tell you what will happen?

For women, the situation will get worse than worse. Women won’t be allowed to work or go to school or even leave the house without a male companion. Possibly, women will be restricted to access to healthcare or drive. Women empowerment will go down the gutter and women will again follow medieval rules by staying behind curtains.

The Amri bil Marof (literally: arrange the good) is a Taliban organisation that strictly enforces social rules. In the 1990s, it was its penalties that terrorised Afghans the most. Now, again, it’s imposing a two-strike rule. First a warning, second a punishment – public humiliations, prison, beatings, lashes.

On concerns and matters such as criminality, the Taliban make rapid decisions. There is no bureaucracy or red tape; any problem may be handled in days, and no decision can be challenged.

They also collect “Taliban Usher” and Zakat, which are Islamic gifts to the needy that are generally freely donated and amount to roughly 10% of people’s harvest or a percentage of their income, respectively. The Taliban, on the other hand, twists them into basic taxes for their own benefit.

Their philosophy and way of thinking are identical to those of the Emirate. Nothing has changed in the slightest. All schools have been closed by the Taliban. They’ve stated that any schooling must follow their rigid interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. It’s one of many worrying indicators for locals.

What Danger does the Taliban hold for the World?

The world is watching Washington’s latest historical experiment with bated breath. Since they have successfully captured Afghanistan, their thirst for power will only grow, which will lead to a chaotic civil war.

The Taliban may allow al-Qaeda to train and operate from their territory.

Where are Afghans going?

Turkey will serve as the destination for Afghans as Turkey treats the world’s largest refugee population. 

Although, Under UNHCR’s mission, Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan are the biggest and most persistent refugee group. At the beginning of 2014, Pakistan had 1,615,876 refugees while Iran had 840,158.

America and Its Games?

America has always had a conflict of interest with other nations; for example, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York and the Pentagon just outside of Washington, they forcefully dispatched soldiers to Afghanistan (2001) and stayed for 20 years there.

However, in February 2020, US President Donald Trump negotiated an agreement with the Taliban that includes the departure of US soldiers from Afghanistan. As part of the deal, the US pledged to evacuate all of its troops.

After coming into power, President Joe Biden ordered the full departure of about 3,000 US soldiers from Afghanistan by September 11, essentially bringing the country’s longest conflict to a close.

As Taliban terrorists continue to make fast progress, US President Joe Biden has stated that he does not regret his decision to remove soldiers from Afghanistan. He asked Afghan officials to get together and “fight for their country.”

Now, the world will see the cataclysmic outcome of his decisions.

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