Why Harley Quinn is the Most Badass Character in the DC Universe?

I just finished watching The Suicide Squad (2021). It was really good with funny characters having weird and mighty superpowers. The movie is a non-stop adventure from start to finish.

The film expertly switches between various tones to create a truly cohesive and full story, juggling heartfelt character moments and thrilling action, graphic violence and intelligent humour with ease and tact, resulting in a unique experience for both old and new DC fans, and truly distinguishing itself from the vast roster of copy and paste superhero movies.

Thank god, this Suicide Squad was directed by James Gunn or else it would have been a disaster like the first Suicide Squad (2016)

I am glad that this time, they took the tit-bits of the DC Anime World and tried to put it in the second suicide squad. Although I am gonna be honest with you, my favourite character in the movie was and is Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, what an amazing and interesting character. The fact that she was a psychiatrist (Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel) who used to work at Arkham Asylum before Joker brain-washed her, gives her character a little much jerk and power.

Her mind is full of craziness with the determined spirit to survive in any situation. She is funny, resourceful and it’s never a dull moment with her. The fact that she is like every girl with Super-Crazy mode on says all with a super bad taste in men is every woman’s story. Joker loved her but on multiple occasions has tried to kill her.

Harley is the most unpredictable character in the DC Universe as you don’t know when she would flip out. It is difficult to decide whether she is a good or a bad character. But one is sure, she is an opportunist and lives and enjoys the moment.

She is a treat to watch and I think, Margot Robbie has done a fantastic job in showing the craziness, skills and beauty of Harley Quinn. She has justified the character and I think Harley was made for her.

People have known her as Joker’s Girlfriend but now the way she has been portrayed as a badass killer with a cuckoo mind and skills, I am sure people will remember Joker as her Ex-Boyfriend. It really does feel good when a character with so many variations gets presented well on the silver screen and gets the due it deserves.

Birds of Prey showed us the Independent Harley Quinn, who is trying hard to live without Joker and his reputation. She tried burning every memory of him. The Joker and Harley relationship was a co-dependent one that has been abusive on both sides and is frequently referred to as crazy love. It’s twisted love, and the two don’t appear to have a healthy relationship to one other.

While Suicide Squad (2021) tremendously worked hard on Harley Quinn. Her character is the most badass in the movie, as you can see, she killed the President (Silvio Luna) of Corto Maltese, who proposed to her for marriage, why? Because she saw red flags like him killing innocents and children and feeding them to the Monster at Jotenhein. Classic Harley but it also shows she wants good guys now. I love her singing, Javelin throws, witty and yet forgetful memory.

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