Jungle Cruise Review: A Tale of Curses and Magical Moon Tears

The movie Jungle Cruise is a boredom buster. The film is ideal for thrill-seekers since it brilliantly depicts the Amazon’s natural splendour as well as its curses and legends.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson appear in the film. The plot revolves around Lily Houghton’s journey to the Amazon with her brother McGregor in quest of Tears of the Moon, which have the ability to break any curse and cure any sickness.

She meets Frank (The Rock), a skipper who takes her and her brother to the Amazon Jungle’s depths. The story is full of adventure, breathtaking landscapes, curses, and a story that none of us has ever heard before. 

The conversation between Lily and Frank is amusing and intelligent. The supporting character is equally hilarious, with a German Prince Joachim attempting to locate the moon tears with a submarine.

Overall, it’s the action-packed film we’ve been waiting for, and because The Rock is the maestro of adventure films, you can expect plenty of laughs and shocks from it. Emily Blunt is fantastic as always, and she works her magic throughout the film.

This film is a simple and delightful escapist pleasure! Isn’t it for the reason why we go to the movies?

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