Toofaan Review: Boxing for the National Spot and Love

I recently watched Farhan Akhtar’s Toofaan. It was awe-inspiring and beautifully covers the story of different characters and what makes them vital for Toofaan to grow stronger.

The story is about Azzi Ali aka Ajju Bhai, an extortionist “Gunda” from the slums who goes on to become one of the Best Boxers India ever saw.

Farhan Akhtar’s character Aziz is supported by Paresh Rawal (Coach Narayan Prabhu) and Mrunal Thakur (Ananya – His Wife), who helps him become a National Gem.

Although, the story brings forwards the most important issue of all: Love Jihad. How a Muslim guy falls in love with a Hindu girl and how she leaves everything behind and adjusts for his love. Yes.

The unusual thing is, how when we were little we were only concerned with the Boy-Girl getting married but now the concern is, how will they live in a society which judges and never shuts up about inter-religion marriage.

We did see such judgements in the movie and how people around were so paranoid over a Hindu-Muslim couple and were faster than light to recommend Religion Conversion. 

The movie had tried hard not to go over Love Jihad. They have kept a respectful opinion of the religions and the instances of which can be seen in the movie.

The story is good and you will enjoy it but when cliches of how a typical Hindu Father would react to his daughter loving a Muslim guy may not be your preference. Plus, when these get connected with the terrorist attacks and more, then you will have a ‘WTF’ moment. 

The music, the songs, the dialogues, the screenplay, everything was good. All in one, a must-watch for all. The movie is not limited to just Boxing. Watch now!

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