UP Two Child Policy: No Govt Job, Subsidy and Promotion if over Two Children

Pollution is wreaking havoc on the earth, and the cause is entirely human. As the world’s population grows, Nature has become a ticking time bomb, bringing a catastrophic disaster every month. Population Control is the only way to slow it down. 

Uttar Pradesh is following in China’s Two-Child Policy’s footsteps. China has lately relaxed its regulation and reduced the number of children allowed to three.

Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populated state, with a population of over 22 crores. The Yogi administration has introduced the UP Population (Control, Stabilization, and Welfare) Bill 2021 as a way of limiting population increase, which might lead to unemployment, water shortage, and land scarcity in the future. 

In UP and Bihar, the fertility rate is increasing due to a lack of urbanisation. There are some severe measures for violators and benefits for the followers of the policy:

  • For Instance, No government job for those who have more than 2 children.
  • Families having more than 2 children will not be able to avail the benefits of government subsidies.
  • People who choose the two-child policy will get two additional increments throughout their career, as well as a 12-month maternity and paternity leave with full pay and benefits, and a 3% increase in the employer’s contribution fund under the National Pension Scheme.
  • Those who work for the government will keep their jobs, but will not be promoted.
  • If a government employee has more than two children in the future, he will be ineligible for promotion.
  • The government will be award those who after having two children, go for Vasectomy.
  • Couples living below the poverty line who choose to get a vasectomy after having only one child would be compensated. However, the prize will be determined by whether they have a boy (Rs 80,000) or a girl (Rs 1,50,000).

The government will be in charge of family planning and promoting awareness about it, as well as ensuring that contraceptives are readily available.

By 2050, the state wants to be stable, and the administration wants to keep the population growth rate at 2.1 per cent.

My views:

I think the most important thing to do for now is educating the rural people by spreading awareness on sexual health and family planning. Education initiatives and stringent anti-dowry laws should be implemented by the government. As a result, there is equality, which will aid in population management.

The necessity for population control is urgent. Without population control, all of our accomplishments in socio-economic progress will be lost. It should not be viewed as political because it will affect everyone equally, regardless of religion, caste, creed, geography, or other factors. Such policies are already in effect in Assam.

Hats off to the leaders who took the risk of enacting population control. It should have been put in place at least 30 years ago. If some individuals still do not grasp the need for population control, it is a failure of our educational system.

Remember that UP has a population of 22 crores, making it the world’s fifth-most populous country. It is now necessary not only in Uttar Pradesh but throughout the country, to rescue our future generations. This law applies to all religions not just to Muslims.

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