Black Widow Review: Impactful, Emotional and A Perfect Pilot Movie with no Iron Man

Years of waiting have finally come to an end with the release of Black Widow on Friday. The movie was gripping, action-pact and a perfect pilot for a black widow movie in the future. It is a family movie that talks about how Choice is still a privilege for some people. 

The movie is impactful and by the end of the movie, you will fall in love and become a fan of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff for sure. The supporting characters Yelena, Melena, and Alexie aka Red Guardian are bound to make you laugh and emotional, all at the same time. 

The story begins with little Natasha, her sister Yelena, her mother Melina and her father Alexie living in Ohio as a normal family. Although, we soon discover they were a fake family, Russian sleeper agents. They promptly return to Russia, where little girls like Natasha and Yelena were forced into the black widow program. 

We see how Natasha got out of being the Russian Mindless spy, she makes a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. of killing Dreykov. She plants a bomb in Dreykov’s daughter’s bag, which blasts off, killing Dreykov and Antonia. 

The movie is worth waiting for and watching. The movie is based on Captain America – Civil War and hence, the fugitive Black Widow is on the run. 

She goes to Norway and gets her mail delivered by her friend. While going to the market, she gets attacked by the Taskmaster as in one of her mails, she had the Mind-Reset Chemicals. 

Natasha barely escapes the taskmaster and goes to Budapest, where she meets Yelena. She tells her that the chemical can reset the minds of the controlled black widows back to normal. Yelena tells her that Dreykov is alive and the location of the Red Room is unknown. 

The plot revolves around how the Red Room is still in use by Dreykov and how he is creating Black Widows, the perfect killing machines with no choice or will of their own. His toy has been the taskmaster, who has a photographic memory and so can predict its adversary’s every move. The taskmaster was none other than his daughter Antonia.

In the end, Dreykov dies, Red Room is destroyed, Black Widows are conscious with their own will and Antonia gets freed using the Mind-Reset Chemical. While Natasha sets off to rescue her Fellow Avengers from the Raft ‘Underwater Jail’. 

Spoiler Alert: Those who were expecting of getting the last glimpse of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man will be disappointed. I was deeply disappointed and was literally cursing all those who even gave me hope. I had the same disappointment when I saw Loki Episode 5, in the scene with destruction and a red-haired woman sitting, we see it was Sylvie all along, not Natasha. 

What to expect from the credits scenes:

We saw Yelena, Natasha’s little sister, going to Natasha’s grave where we see, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a sleeper Russian agent, a former member of S.H.I.E.L.D. but works for HYDRA. She provokes Yelena to take revenge for her sister’s death and hands her the photo of Hawkeye aka Clint Barton.

So, it is clear, that the Hawkeye Series has been linked with the movie and Yelena will be seen in the series, taking her revenge. So, two things I am sure of:

  1. Yelena will take her revenge in the Hawkeye Series
  2. Yelena will be the next Black Widow.

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