Sweet Tooth Review: The World of Uncertainty and Human-Animal Hybrids amidst Apocalypse

Ever wondered what would happen if COVID-19 caused more than just deaths. If not, then Sweet Tooth will delve into those what-ifs. What if, the virus mutated the children born during the pandemic into semi Human-Animal beings. 

The series sounds interesting but at the same time, makes us wonder are we on the safer side with just loss of lives? Do consider that during the pandemic, childbirth has been of the highest and if those children were born with deer ears or monkey’s nose or bird’s wings and more, known as Hybrids, what would have happened?. So, this where Sweet Tooth comes in.

The story begins with Gus, a mixed Deer-Human baby, going deep into the secluded mountains with his father. Then we see him growing up to the 9-year-old boy, unaware of who and what he is. 

We learn his father dies protecting him of which he has no clue how? He comes across Last Men, who hunt down kids like him. He shortly finds that due to the H5G6 virus the world has gone under post-apocalypse and hybrid kids are blamed for the world’s condition and thus being killed by a Dictator named General Abbot. General Abbot is a savage, who gives us vibes like Hitler.

Gus embarks on a journey to find his mother Birdie with the help of the Big Man. It’s a multi-layered story that explores the lives of three “families” during unusual times: Gus’, Aimee’s, and Dr. ‘Singh’s.

The story is kind of Ironic as we are currently living under the Pandemic. The story has elements of surprise, awe and the fact that there are people who always to save their neck will kill others. 

The story was beautifully expressed with the 10-year-old Gus getting us emotionally involved now and then. Nature plays a crucial role in the series and the whole series gives us a magical world. After decades of humans tormenting Nature, humans were slowed down by the Virus, giving Nature time to heal and be whole again.   

The story is well-paced, and the transitions from one story to the next are seamless, creating a kaleidoscope of events and feelings. I really like the unusual concept and representation of animal-human hybrids. The makeup and special effects are excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it!

It’s a lovely, endearing series that keeps me wanting more with each episode, despite the fact that it’s set in a post-apocalyptic sick world. There are a variety of imaginative sequences, particularly the nightmare ones.

I can say that this film gives me hope because “If you don’t laugh in your difficult times, you won’t laugh in your happy times.” A Must watch for all. 

Season 2 will answer all the questions that were left unanswered. Expectations from Season 2:

  • We will see Gus meeting his mother Birdie.
  • Birdie working with Dr Singh for creating a cure.
  • The fate of Hybrids will be sealed in season 2
  • Nature will play a crucial role, that’s for sure. 

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