Is it Unacceptable to Ask money for Your Work?

Women Hating, also known as Misogyny is a very common practice in today’s world. People are prejudiced towards women and blame them for every other reason.

Got dumped, must be the girlfriend’s fault. Not getting selected anywhere, must be a girl that’s stopping you from becoming a big man. Dressing sharply and showering regularly, must be a girl in life. A boy who died by suicide must be his girlfriend’s fault. We never leave the girl alone, they are always blamed whether they were involved or not. 

A woman at a senior position must be a power-hungry witch, that is what everyone thinks. A woman if asks for money more than her co-stars’ men, then she is greedy and vain.

Let’s take Kareena Kapoor Khan, for instance, she asked for 12 crores for her role as Sita in ‘Ramayan‘ and the patriarchal society got hit so hard that they started calling her names. Really? That is your opinion of women empowerment. 

Men in the movie ‘Ramayan’ must have been paid more than 30 crores and if Kareena, who is playing a crucial role in the movie, asks for money for her hard work, dedication and time she will put in that movie, then she is called a material girl. 

And some yokel and non-sensical idiots will bring up, how wrong she said about Hinduism and Islam? Let me make it clear to you, everyone in this world is racist or phobic about a certain religion. The people who are bashing her for saying bad things about Hinduism are the same people who are Islamophobic or Hinduphobic. 

People don’t understand the concept of equal pay, so forget, they will understand a woman asking for salary as per skills and qualities. The petty-minded people cannot be reasoned and for them, a woman raising her voice is bad and not a proper-respectable girl. 

I ask you all, how is asking salary as per quality and skill wrong? How are men asking for huge amounts is justified and not red-flagged? This should clearly say they are greedy, not business-minded and acceptable by all.

Kindly make Women in Power and Women asking for their rights a common practice. The day we stop arguing about petty issues and fight together on real national level agitating issues, that day we have grown as a nation. 

Are you willing to work free of cost just in the name of the country’s culture and tradition? If yes, then answer me this, What about the Temple’s priest, Church’s father and Mosque’s Imam?

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