COVID-19: Positive and Negative Impacts of Pandemic

The epidemic has had both beneficial and bruising on people’s lives at a personal, emotional, societal, and economical level. The economic condition and personal finances have taken a hit on the lives of people.

Positive Impact:

  • We have become health conscious.
  • We have realised the value of Health Insurance
  • Significance of savings to meet contingencies 
  • The education system got introduced to new technologies

Negative Impact:

  • Spending a lot for the solaces of life 
  • Investing in secondary earnings i.e., shares, bitcoin
  • Reluctant to buy a Healthcare Insurence or term-life insurance products.
  • Economically poor and geographical limitations led to the inaccessibility of the Internet.

These fears are salient and once the pandemic goes away completely, the fear will sink away too. Meanwhile, focus on the positive aspects and make essential decisions and avoid cash crush. 

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