Conjuring 3 Review – Love Conquers All, Gripping Suspense and Totem Witch

Conjuring 3 is a horror movie based on a true story. It is about unsolving the mystery and trying to prove the existence of the Devil in the eyes of the court. 

The Devil Made Me Do It is a story of love and how love can break a powerful curse. The story begins with David Glatzel and his family moving to a new home and David being possessed by a curse.

The story soon follows Ed and Lorraine Warren coming on board to stop the boy from the possession. But the possession goes south as Ed gets attacked and Lorraine with her clairvoyant powers gets shown a ritual being performed that makes her weak. 

So, to stop David’s suffering, Arne, David sister’s boyfriend, asks the devil to take him instead of David. He invites the devil to take him voluntarily and soon the tables turn when the devil makes him kill a man, imprisoning him and forcing him to kill himself. 

This is where the story begins, Ed and Lorraine start investigating what is happening as Arne isn’t possessed but cursed.  

The story goes around solving mysteries and by the end of the movie, we realise totems have been used to curse Jessica, David and Arne. The story ends with Love breaking the strongest curse. 

The movie exquisitely depicts the passionate bond Ed and Lorraine Warren share. The suspense is gripping but if you have watched Conjuring 1 and 2, this movie will be a piece of cake for you. 

The movie might give you jumps but it failed to give us scary villains like Bathsheba, Nun and the Old Bill. The Witch was a one-of-a-kind demon who utilised a totem and a ritual table to control her victims, beginning by forcing them to murder someone and eventually killing themselves.

I would give the Movie (4 STARS). Do watch the movie, it isn’t like the other Conjuring movies but it is too based upon a true story that sensationalized the world. 

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