India’s Covid-19 Crisis Shakes Modi’s Image of Strength as PM of 7 yrs

Narendra Modi became a household name with his journey from Chaiwala to the Chief Minister of Gujarat to the Prime Minister of India. He has completed seven years as the PM of India, during his rule, we saw a lot of laws and amendments being dominated.

Modi is the fourth Indian PM and first BJP member to complete seven years in office. Before him, the three PM who served for more than 7 years were all from Indian National Congress (INC):

  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Indira Gandhi 
  • Manmohan Singh

The wave of Modi started with love and respect but now, the wave echoes more of the ill-managed and unplanned actions through which COVID 19 become the grave of thousands of people in India.

When the First wave of COVID 19 hit India, we followed Modi like a snake to the sound of the flute, we clapped and pounded utensils joyfully, light diyas, and even freely emptied our pockets of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. 

But it was not till Second Wave, we understood Modi and his leadership. He disappears when we need him the most, and he emerges when something nice happens. Like when Cyclone Tauktae and Yaas were coming, he came as balm to undo the pain of the people. He cried and asked for forgiveness from the people on Mann ki Baat.

Current Situation in India: 

The number of new infections has risen to almost 400,000 each day. Vaccines are in scarce supply. Hospitals are overburdened. There is a shortage of life-saving oxygen. Thousands of bodies are cremated every day, throwing up never-ending plumes of ash that are turning the skies grey above some of India’s most populous towns.

Politicizing the pandemic, blaming opposition-ruled states, and addressing it as a law and order or policing issue have all backfired. Mistakes made by the Modi government in dealing with the epidemic:

  • Underestimating the pandemic 
  • Promoting Unscientific cures
  • Lockdown without notice, just like Demonetisation
  • Mixed messages and double standards with Political Rallies and allowing Religious Gathering like Kumbh Mela.
  • Wastage of Vaccines, whose blame gets shifted between Center and States from time to time.

Before COVID-19, we people of India have given him the benefit of the doubt in situations like:

  • Demonetisation
  • Rewriting of the Rafale deal
  • Mishandling of Kashmir
  • Capturing 4th Pillar of the Society – Media
  • Aadhar Card – Violating the Right of Privacy
  • Lack of Jobs
  • Farmers Protest 
  • Hike in Petrol and Diesel Prices and more.

The COVID 19 deteriorating condition has weakened the image of PM Narendra Modi. 

Now, Modi Government is busy monitoring and suspending the Twitter accounts of the people who are speaking against them. Modi government is the first to create social media police. So, friends if your accounts don’t follow IT and the Modi govt. rules, be ready to get your account suspended. The right to speak and put your views is no more a privilege. 

Modi’s downfall will not come from simply criticizing him; the public will hunt for an alternative before discarding what they have.

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