The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Explained

The world has been divided by lands but when religion comes in between, there’s no right and no wrong. Whenever a powerful nation schools a smaller nation, innocent people die and the number keeps growing as the powerful nation has a reputation to hold.

The Israel – Palestinian Conflict is one such which has a history like India and Pakistan, which keeps going on and on where neither side can stop. These wars have begun in the 20th century over a piece of land. 

The History:

Despite many talks and deals for long-term stability in the Middle East region, Israeli–Palestinian conflict remains one of the world’s most enduring and tragic conflicts, which has yet to find an amicable solution. Since, the creation of Israel in 1948 – A country of Jews, Palestinians have objected as they considered it their hand as they were always in the majority, leading to an armed conflict between them.

Multiple Wars Took Place:

  • War with Arabs resulting in Jordan taking control of the land known as the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza.
  •  1967 War led to Israeli-Palestinians Conflict resulting in Israel occupying East Jerusalem and the West Bank as well as much of the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza, and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

So now, Israel considers the whole of Jerusalem as its capital while Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the future capital of the Palestinian State.

The Timeline:

The rough handling and forceful eviction by Israeli Police of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem led to the airstrikes. The police stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan which led to 100 injured devotees and militants with tear gas and rubber bullets. This led to Hamas Militants, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist, firing rockets at Israel killing five people which in return led to Israel firing rockets at Gaza, which led to 35 deaths.

All this began when Israel was kicking Palestinians out of their homes over the tensions to take control of East Jerusalem. Although all of these can be linked with the history two countries share and their constant act of war, which makes it difficult for its people to live, let alone take sides.

The fact that Palestinian Hamas fired more than 200 rockets at Israel but failed due to Israel’s top defence system says the rest of the story. 

A country like Israel known for its technology and a-class defence system shouldn’t be tampered with as when you fight with such a country, you can only blind them for a second which results in them killing you and the people around you mercilessly.

This war is an example of an angry child trying to hurt her father but ends up hurting herself. At the same time, a powerful country like Israel which is surrounded by enemies and has been fighting its whole life needs to understand that war is not the only way. You are powerful but killing innocent people only makes the opposition more stubborn to fight back. The best defence is an offence. 

The part which I am not even surprised about is that Pakistan is fully supporting Palestine because, for them, this fight is all too familiar. India has always considered Israel a dear and a friend.

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