Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4: Captain America Killed a Man

Episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was more brutal with action-packed. The episode started with Ayo making Bucky remember the ways Wakanda helped him not get triggered by the words. The words which made him go assassin. She warned him and told him Dora Milaje will have Zemo one way or another.

The episode descends into the trio Falcon, Winter Solder and Zemo in finding the location of Karli Morgenthau, the Flag-Smashers Leader. The best thing about this episode was seeing Sam aka Falcon be the Voice of Reason, trying to understand Karli and her reasons.

We see an amazing fight between Dora Milaje vs Sam, Bucky, Battlestar and the new cap for Zemo. Obviously, Dora Milaje won which made the new cap think, these ladies aren’t super-soldiers, and yet, they beat him. During the fight, Zemo escapes.


 On the other hand, the knockoff Captain America aka John Walker seemed desperate to be the best and felt bad being the slacker among all. So, when he comes across the super-soldier serum he takes it, only one was left as Zemo shot Karli and destroyed most of the serums before John knocked me out. He took it to become the super-soldiered Captain America. 

But Flag-Smashers tried to kill him and send his death as a message for revolution, instead of killed his sidekick, Isaiah Bradley aka Battlestar by mistake. This made John angry, and he killed one of them with the shield in the middle of the road. This scene was captured by people on their cellphones and made Karli, Sam and Bucky surprised as this behaviour is the opposite of Captain America – the Violence path.

John Walker is the worst Captain and with his best friend dying, he might become worse starting with killing Flag-Smasher’s member. He doesn’t have humility and patience, filled with a superiority complex and, the fact that he is the new Captain America makes him think, he’s above all, especially after taking the super-soldier serum.

What can we expect from Episode 5?

 The out of control Super Soldier Serum Captain America might go rogue with a government license this time. This is where we will see whether he becomes the righteous Steve Rogers or Karli Morgenthau. We might see a battle between him, Falcon and Winter Soldier. An extensive search for Zemo who might now go after the New Cap as he doesn’t believe super soldiers understand humility and must be killed. He says, ” There can’t be another Steve Rogers”.

A question I always ask myself – Why in movies a good person ends up going to the other side? Captain America might become Thanos but just dusting Flag-smashers or people who raised a finger against him. He is quite powerful now. The power might go into his head.

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