Black Widow Trailer: Expectations from the Much Awaited Movie

Half of the population went into BLIP for 5 years. The survived original Avengers along with Captain Marvel, Rocket, Okoye, War Machine and Nebula were left to figure out ways to bring people back.  
Until Antman showed up, they had lost all the hope and any chance of meeting the lost ones, especially Clint Barton, who becomes Ronan, killing every bad guy in the world and Thor becoming an overweight whining alcoholic.
Black Widow throughout the Endgame was taking a toll on herself as if everything was her fault. She was the most desperate person who wanted to try everything. Although, I do ask myself, who was she close to, apart from Captain America and Clint Barton.
We all have been waiting for the Black Widow movie for many years, but honestly since last year and finally, we are going to get the badass spy solo movie with all the information about our favourite female superhero in July. From the inception of her journey to being an avenger to finally fighting her past.
We see a new villain named TaskMaster, who has the ability to duplicate superhero moves. He has been used as a weapon like Winter Solider was used by Hydra.  
The Movie is set after Captain America – Civil War and so, basically, she was running from everyone and met with her past. The story is how Black Widow programs are still being effectively tested and how Natasha along with her sister and mother who are also Black Window and her father aka ‘Red Guardian’ stop the program and fight TaskMaster. 
The movie will also have a cameo from our favourite Super Hero Iron Man. We are spiked about Loki, especially after they released a new trailer in which fans are arguing over whether it is the Black Window or Lady Loki.
The movie will show the black window story from Natasha’s aspect which most animated series and Marvel movies have failed to do justice with. It is the first movie of the fourth phase of the Marvel Universe. 
I am excited to watch her story along with the many interesting characters they have introduced. Anthony Mackie aka Falcon once said, the 3rd and 4th leads in the movie are the real glue who holds the movie together. So, waiting to watch Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbour characters story as well. 
The journey of Black Widow from Iron Man 2 to Black Widow can be seen through the posters. The posters from being feminine, showing cleavage with a perfect figure to now being the Kickass Superhero in a white suit is unparalleled. This shows how far the character has journeyed, and how much it has been loved by the audience that now all it needs is Content. 
The proof is how much the Black Widow Trailer has been loved by millions and more. The trailer is capable of getting the audience attention with action, drama and suspense.
My expectations from the movie are pure action and drama-based storylines. I want to see the raw and emotional side of her which she had so brilliantly hidden from us and also, more information about Budapest Mission with Hawkeye, of course. The future of Black Widow in the Marvel Universe is another expectation. 

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