COVID 19: Night Curfew in Delhi from 10pm to 5am till April 30

Corona Virus aka COVID 19 has again gripped lives in its hands. Every day thousands of people are getting affected directly or indirectly. 

The sudden increase in the cases has tied the Delhi government’s hands and has led to Night Curfew being put into effect from 10 pm to 5 am from today till April 30. The fourth wave has struck Delhi with fresh new 3,548 COVID 19 cases and 14 deaths as of Monday. 

The Delhi government is monitoring the situation and won’t go forward with Lockdown as of now. Only essential services, retailers, Doctors, nurses and media journalists are allowed to travel during the curfew. 

Rajasthan has already launched Night curfews while Maharashtra has imposed night curfews with a week lockdown to monitor and strictly strike down the increase in the COVID 19 cases.

People need to understand that, we cannot save lives with ignorance and carelessness. People are putting their lives at the stake for us, and in return, we are being COVIDIOTS and travelling to places with crowds like there is nothing like COVID 19. 

COVID 19 vaccines are being administered as fast as possible but even they are 70 per cent effective. So, we need to be careful even after receiving the doses. Wear Mask and carry Sanitizers wherever you go. If the situation remains the same, there might be a chance of the second Lockdown, which will affect us economically, personally and professionally. 

The only way to fight COVID 19 is through Caution – Use Sanitizers and Masks. Avoid reckless and unnecessary travelling, especially to the Mountains for showing off on social media. Control your Vagabond nature and save lives by staying as much as you can in your homes.

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