Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Review

We all can’t get over with our favourite Heroes – Iron Man and Captain America leaving us. We cannot see someone else at their place even though, Captain America handed the Shield to Falcon aka Sam Wilson. 

I was not ready to see him take on the mantle of Captain America but when I saw John Walker in the uniform and Shield of Captain America I was heartbroken more than ever. I know no one can be a better Cap than Steve Rogers but at least we can respect his decision of making Sam the next Captain America.

The main characters, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes share a very weird friendship where they love taunting and getting each other beaten up by others of course. They are friends due to their respect for Steve or else, they won’t even look at each other. They are still mourning the loss and absence of Steve and trying hard to be the man he thought they were. I believe by the end of this series, we are gonna see some bro-mance for sure. 

To be honest, I was much spiked over Falcon and the Winter Soldier as I was with WandaVision and am with Black Widow, Loki and What if. But when the series pilot episode aired on Disney+, I couldn’t help but watch. 

Episode 1 and 2 were descriptive with telling us the whereabouts of the characters and what are they going through along with the intro of the Most hated Captain America in history – John Walker. The guy is so self-obsessed and thinks since he’s the new cap, everyone should listen and follow his lead. 

But brother, you forgot, Cap was a leader because he had a vision and sense of Discipline and responsibility which made him the most likeable person in the room. He was the man of words and valour, even when he went rogue, he was respected. 

Episode 3 was awesome with the introduction of Baron Zemo – Hydra Agent aka Civil War Villain being helped by Bucky aka White Wolf aka Winter Soldier in jailbreak, SHIELD’s ex-agent Sharon Stone now rogue and staying in Madripoor and Security Guard of Black Panther and the member of Dora Milaje Ayo. 

The other reason for my love of this episode is that how well they have connected it with other movies because WandaVision was all about creating a perfect world where she created her versions of happiness for herself. We can expect great storylines and plots from Marvel Universe as they have opened the pandora box for us. 

Coming back to Episode 3, ZEMO killed Wakanda’s Former King T’Chakka, which didn’t go quite well with Wakandians. The fact that they sheltered Bucky and helped him heal and in return, he helped ZEMO in the jailbreak is another twist whose consequence we will see in Episode 4. Ayo will not let this go as we have seen her in Civil War giving a befitting reply to Black Widow.

Although, I am heartbroken and excited to see what will happen next in the Black Panther Universe since the demise of our beloved Superhero Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther. Will Shuri take on the mantle of Black Panther like in books and Animated Series, I guess we will have to wait and watch.

I also have a feeling that something might happen between Sam Wilson and Sharon Stone. Because she has always liked Captain America and since he vouched for Sam as the next Cap, it explains it all and we saw her checking him out. 

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