Marvel vs DC: Why DC’s Animation World is better than Marvel’s Animation World?

Marvel vs DC: Why DC’s Animation World is better than Marvel’s Animation World?

Detective Comics aka DC Universe has constantly shown us the plethora of creativity and animation excellence that Marvel has tried to achieve but has hilariously failed. The remarkable presentation of every Hero’s strength with all the shades of their personalities has helped us geek out even more over Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Although it might be contradictory to say, Marvel’s Live-Action movies have maintained the balance. Their personal representation of Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and more make us want to be them in real life.

DC Justice league’s dozens of Animation series alongside youngsters of DC with Young Justice and Teen Titans have shown us so many innovative ways of presenting the same story with spice, allure and kickass dialogues.

We might debate about the Villains in both the universe, but you got to agree that against the Power and Mercilessness of Darkseid, Thanos is nothing in the Anime World. But at the same time, the presentation of Thanos in the Live action universe of Marvel makes us want to sympathize and call him the greatest villain ever.

So, I have listed down the reasons why DC Anime Universe is better than Marvel Anime Universe (Marvel vs DC):

  • The Dark and Surreal presentation of Heroes like Batman, Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, Joker and more. DC has thoroughly presented an accurate picture of these heroes and villains without thinking about making it appropriate for its audience.
  • The Awesome and Kickass Anime movies make up for disastrous Live action movies. Cartoons like Justice League War, Justice League Dark, Justice League Flashpoint Paradox, and Justice League vs Teen Titans have shown the marvellous world of DC by dropping our jaws in awe and wonder.
  • Friendly and Innovative Storylines: Even though we all know the backstory of Batman and Wonder Woman, whenever DC releases an animated movie, we learn something new. For eg., Wonder Woman Bloodlines, Batman Hush, Superman Red Son and so much more.
  • Power Equation of Each Hero: The so many unique powers of DC’s heroes along with their personal trials are what makes them a hero. The Sherlock Holmes Mind and No killing rule of Batman, the Indestructible and Women Empowerment Spirit of Wonder Woman, the love of Superman for Lois Lane and Metropolis and more make these heroes stand a little taller than others.

So, these were the reasons for my love of DC’s Anime Universe more than Marvel’s. Although I must add, they too have progressed a lot since the first Avengers movie hit the theatres and since then, their Anime world is only getting better. The Avengers Assemble anime series is the proof.

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