COVID 19 – A Battle that can be fought from inside only

Article Headline] | 2020-02-14 | BioWorld
The world as we know has become a stranger to us now. What we knew and what may happen, seem to have no relation at all now. The world has become a vessel of people dying every day and all we can do is remorse and empathize.

It’s a time like this when we feel the movies and TV shows are not entirely based upon fiction but rather they are based on ‘What If’ and so it something we all should have anticipated. We were so busy in boasting about the development of our economy and threatening other countries against nuclear war aka with World War III, No one saw COVID 19 coming.

No one saw how even developed countries haven’t got anything against something which cannot be seen or detected or fought back. China started the epidemic and now it has become a pandemic in which every day thousands of people are battling and losing their lives. It’s like fighting a devil but at least you have GOD to fight for you and forgive all sins. But COVID 19 is something else, it impacts people lives, country’s economy and most importantly it raises a question whether there would be any future for the underprivileged people and countries?

I am merely saying, It is time for us to cherish what we have and practice humanity to everyone and everything coming our way. I know some of us are capable enough to help others and at the same time, raise issues which people would listen. It is time to do the right thing. A time to survive with people, it’s not a zombie movie where people dying is a relief. We have to decide how we can keep our children and elders safe and sound, how we cannot make it a race about material things but about humanity.

Let’s pledge to keep people safe by following the rules regulated by the government and letting our inner child be safe inside the walls of our house. Let’s pledge to fight this pandemic from inside and encourage those who put there lives at risk for us – Doctors, Nurses, Ward boys, Drivers, Media, Police, Sweepers, Vegetables and fruits vendors, Shopkeepers.

We can fight anything together, but this is a war that can be fought from the Inside only.

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