Do Celebrities get away with crimes?

India a place where you can be anything and do anything. 
A democratic country which has given its citizens fundamental rights to safeguard and fight back for the righteousness and justice. 
A country which puts Right to Equality before Right to Freedom to rationalize how equitable is everyone in eyes of law & order no matter what race, religion, color, creed, caste, gender, the tribe, you are from. 

So, when celebrities do crimes or any offense how come, they get the most minimal form of punishment or in some cases, absolutely nothing. For instance, Salman Salim Khan was convicted in September 2002 for the Hit and Run case, in which he ran his car over Five people sleeping on the footpaths of Mumbai street. He killed a homeless man and injured four others. He was charged u/s 235(2) of the code of criminal procedure for the offense punishable u/s 304(II) of IPC and was sentenced for rigorous imprisonment for a period of 5 years and fine of ₹.25000. The judgment came after 13 years and during that time, the only witness Ravindra Patil who stood by his statement died on October 3, 2007, after contracting tuberculosis. In his defense, Salman Salim Khan said, his driver was driving he was in the backseat.

Whenever I hear such cases, my faith in humanity quashes. As due to non-sufficient shreds of evidence, Salman Salim Khan was granted bail and now is a Freeman. The court also took into account his Charities and Being Human Foundation for doing humanitarian work helping the poor and the needy. The Being Human Foundation is a Mumbai-based charity, founded by Bollywood star Salman Khan in 2007, that provides education and healthcare services for the underprivileged in India.

So what? All Celebrities do that, in order to cheat or exempt themselves from Taxes. It’s a part of being what they are, it’s their lifestyle. They are always a part of such charities or NGO’s. I know some of them really do care and go way far, out of their league for these. But if they have done something nasty or inhumane they need to be punished no matter what or how changed of a man he/she is. The law is same for the common man, celebrities, politicians or even the President of India. 

Mumbai High court said, “It is the long delays and the subsequent bail in such cases that takes away the ‘justice’ element out of our criminal justice system.”

Let’s take another case, Sanjay Dutt was imprisoned for 5 years for keeping Arms and Ammunitions in his house during 1993 Mumbai Serial Blasts Case. He was arrested and charged with the Stringent Terrorist and Disruptive Activities(Prevention) Act or TADA for conspiracy in the blasts and receiving weapons from Abu Salem. In his defense, he said, he kept them for the safety of his family.

The question is not, that he got imprisoned and Law & Order was successful in putting him behind the bars.

But, even after all this time, he’s back to making films. People have accepted him. The question is, If a common man among us has done so, would media and people let him/her live peacefully? Would they ever accept him/her? Will they ever accept rape victim or acid survivor, although, it isn’t there fault that such things have happened with them?

So, all I am saying is it’s easier for politicians, celebrities to get away with crimes and even if they can’t, people will accept them whatsoever. They have sympathies for these big shots. So, all I am saying is it’s easier for politicians, celebrities to get away with crimes and even if they can’t, people will accept them whatsoever. They have sympathies for these big shots. 

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