Electronic Journalism – The Booming Industry

                                                    Pallavi Gupta
 PG Student, Mass Communication & Journalism, Television/Radio & Production
           Apeejay Institute of Mass Journalism, Dwarka, New Delhi
This article talks about emergence of Electronic journalism and the changes.                          
Media is now a very powerful source of information as no one can suppress the truth and due to wide spread of technology that now anyone can help to unfold the truth. 21st century is all about technology and media. Media influenced me into becoming a responsible citizen by providing news on every part of my country and other countries as well. Media helped me know where and what I wanted to be by being fearless and honest to myself. It helped me to be unbiased about everything by knowing every side of the story whether it’s about a politician or a soldier or a farmer. It is now very effective medium to request for people’s support and justice.
Journalism to me is something which gives me freedom and at the same time sense of responsibility i.e., I have the full freedom to write about whatever concerns me and at the same time it’s about knowing whatever I write will show my views and the mentality I have regarding the matters. It’s like showing the things through my perspective; I can be fully transparent yet true and ironic about them. Journalism is about facing challenges and experiences, about getting into extremes to know the truth behind anything or anyone.
Media has evolved over the decades from print journalism i.e., newspapers to magazines which dates back to 1780s with the First Indian Newspaper Bengal Gazette by James Augustus Hickey to Broadcast journalism like Television, Radio with Doordarshan to Digital Media where electronic journalism is reaching a new hype.
Electronic Journalism refers to new techniques and practices used by TV, Radio, Print and online. E-journalism is nothing but the emerging interests of people in the happenings of the world. It’s all about text, audio, video and interacting ways to help the users understand.
Now, everything is available on demand wherever and whenever we want, it’s just one tap away. We have different portals to conceive the information like Twitter, Facebook and so many. 
With the change in time, Print Journalism is no longer a blooming area so, it has also started Electronic Journalism. For e.g. Times of India, India’s most popular and sold newspapers have mobile app of its own to reach THE TECH-LOVING GENERATION. The world is pacing at the speed of light and so everyone wants to be a part of it.
Hence, People actively participate in the discussions and create content to provide with News. People now blog, make videos; these are the ways to communicate the things which concerns them. 
E-Journalism has now become more of the career-oriented platform. People look for exposure and money through them. Be it, by photography, content writing, video logging and so much more.
For some, it’s just the medium to earn money. For some, it’s the medium of information. For some, it’s the medium to connect with your friends and family. For some, it’s the medium to spread fake news and create a ruckus. 
E-Journalism has many benefits but not entirely it is good. Article 19(1(a)) has given us, the right to speech, but many people use it to violate the rules and regulations and above all ethics of certain communities and religions in order to create disturbances.
So, E-Journalism is just the doorway to the world as we know it. It’s in our hands, as of how we use it effectively and efficiently. 

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