Banning of condom Ads

Our constitution has made rules and regulations for the proper functioning of the country so that every person feels free to do what they want but within certain limitations.
So, in order to strengthen the rights of people and the country, laws are sometimes amended, removed, new laws get executed and so much more. 

On 12th December, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Smriti Irani has banned the airing of Condom Ads between 6AM to 10PM saying it is ‘Indecent for Children’. 

It hurts religious sentiments. It’s weird and embarrassing to watch them with our family.

For today’s kids, use of technology and gadgets play a bigger role. They know what not to access.
For eg: In Delhi, a 5-year-old boy raped a 4-year-old girl using pencil and fingers. How did he get access to the porn? His both parents work and he lives with his maids, did they showed him? Undeveloped Minds of Children is a challenge.

According to me, it’s an unconstitutional and a foolish decision. How the Children will have safe sex without spreading diseases? How will one stop the teenage pregnancies? If that’s also a problem why don’t they stop the airing of I-Pills and all? Prove me how it will stop all the crimes happening in our country. India stands at the 3rd position as the highest sufferer of AIDS and HIV.

The biggest drawback with CONDOMBANN is that the family planning campaigns run by the government. The ANGADWALI DIDI, who educates rural people about family planning, safe sex, birth control. Where will it go?

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