Kabul Airport Blasts Kill 13 US Troops and Over Dozen Afghans

The most Horrendous thing in the world is War and when the powerful countries watch the world rip apart as spectators, it is more awful. America, the most powerful country in the world has contributed to the destruction of World Peace and Afghanistan. 

The country has always been insecure about its status of being the supreme power and hence, always tried to lower down any country with the possibility of Terrorism and war through their acts of deploying soldiers across the world, whether it is Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran or Syria. The country has invested billions in cutting the wings of these countries. 

So, when President Joe Biden ordered American troops to retreat to save billions being invested in maintaining those soldiers, he thought he was doing the People of America a favour. But little did he know, he has made the world open for war with the Taliban and ISIS getting clear of playing dirty games whenever and as they want.

The world has gone into unrest ever since the Taliban has taken control over Afghanistan on 15 August. Afghans dying, getting tortured, running from their homes to other countries and blasts have become normal news for the world now. All because, America being eccentric as always thought of saving billions and made people homeless, helpless, jobless and prisoners of a group of Islamic Militants who want to cage everyone as per the Emirates rule with no proper human rights and laws.

America now has its eyes opened after its 12 service members along with 60 civilians got killed in the blasts at Kabul Airport yesterday. 

The first explosion occurred at the Abbey Gate, which is controlled by the US military. The second explosion was heard a short distance away, at the Baron Hotel. The Taliban condemned the attack, but the US stated it suspected it was carried out by the Islamic State’s Afghan affiliate, Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K).

The Blasts have become a nightmare scenario for President Biden. The fact that America always sees its interest in whatever they do has made the world hate the USA even more. People may forget that it was President George W. Bush who ordered the American Army to march in Afghanistan but they would never forget Joe Biden and his impractical and against the world peace decision.

One thing is certain: The War is coming, and the adversaries are known, but who will be the hero has yet to be determined.

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