India’s excellent Foreign Policy results in Record-Breaking Exports Growth

The Modi government has faced a lot of criticism throughout the country, owing to its bad handling of the Second Wave of COVID-19 as well as the ongoing rise in fuel and diesel prices. We have been critical of the Prime Minister’s Care Fund, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the New Parliament Building.

But Modi’s export policies and foreign policies are best in terms of diplomacy and trade. Amidst COVID-19, exports have come as a saviour for India. 

In recent steps towards making India a major country in the world, India’s exports have reached an all-time high at $95 billion in the first quarter of 2021-2022. Interestingly, this is 85 per cent higher than exports registered last year and more:

  • Highest ever Merchandising Exports
  • Highest FDI Inflow
  • Double-digit export growth in spices and oil meals
  • Significant export growth in marine products
  • 50,000+ exports recognized¬†

India’s top 5 export destinations:

  • USA
  • China
  • UAE
  • Bangladesh
  • Hong Kong

Foreign Policy?
A country’s policy does not shift as dramatically as it did in the past. As a result, the administration makes amends while maintaining its previous foreign policy.

The Modi government has received a lot of flak for its international policies, but the fact is as follows.

Relations with the USA: The NDA government merely continued the civil nuclear pact between the United States and India, which began during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s administration in 2008. They did, however, strengthen their strategic cooperation with the United States in terms of security.

Relations with Pakistan: After the 26/11 terrorist attacks, India’s relationship with Pakistan disintegrated. However, India extended a hand of friendship to Nawaz Sharif in 2014 under the Modi government, but with the Pathankot, Uri Gurdaspur, and Pulwama attacks, India has maintained its position against Pakistan over terror attacks.

Relations with South-East Asia: Earlier governments extended hand with Look East Policy I and II, but relations were reinforced under the Modi administration. They implemented Look East to West Policy along with ties with ASEAN were promoted. All the ASEAN leaders were present as Chief Guests on India’s Republic Day 2018.

Relations with West Asia: To improve relations with Gulf nations, Manmohan Singh’s administration adopted the Look West strategy. While the Modi government established the UPA I, which has improved relations with the conservative Gulf states. PM Modi’s personal relationships with Saudi rulers and gulf countries are a major accomplishment.

Relations with Indo-Pacific: The Modi government eventually formalised the concept into the QUAD security architecture in 2017, which had been floating about since 2007.

Relations with Africa: Earlier governments have initiated the India-Africa summit in 2008 and 2013 in which 14 and 15 African countries participated. But in the Modi government’s reign, the Summit 2015 went strong with the participation of 41 countries. 

Modi Government Foreign Policy other Achievements:

  • Maritime Partnership with France in the Western Indian Ocean.
  • At the 16th Inda-EU Leaders Virtual Summit in May 2021, 27 leaders present there signed a Free Trade Agreement, an Investment Agreement and Trade Partnership Agreement.
  • India actively participates in G20, G7, BRICS and SCO. 
  • India has initiated International Solar Alliance and Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Coalition along with taking a leadership role in Climate Change negotiations.

Modi government has made more attention to its neighbours than the previous government and he alone is responsible for galvanising Indian Diaspora, securing a better future for India.

The only country standing in the way of peace is China, which occasionally disrupts the tranquillity while also breaking the pact. China has always been an adversary of India, but Modi’s strong attitude has forced us to put ourselves on an equal footing.

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