Family Man Season 2 Review: Best of Both Worlds with LTTE and ISI Joint Attack (4.5 Stars)

Season 2 was as thrilling, stimulating and clever as Season 1. The story, cast, screenplay, music, everything was powerful enough to leave an impact on the lives of its audience. 

The story is about how Sri Lanka’s LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) and Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) work together towards a common enemy – In this case, Indian PM Basu. The story has been a perfect combination of past events and has been used to manifest all kinds of emotions.

The story starts with Srikant doing a Corporate Job as he has quit the TASC after they blamed Kareem as the false Terrorist. His wife on other hand, after her physical encounter with Arvind, has quit her job and has been cut off with him and maintains distance and fights with Srikant a lot. 

The comedy and drama combination is perfect –

  • Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpai) character knows whence to ponder seriousness and comedy.  
  • Suchita Tiwari (Priyamani) is a lady of words and bestows beauty with brains.
  • Dhriti Tiwari (Ashlesha Thakur) represents the GEN Z and their obsession with mobile phones and trend like having a boyfriend.
  • Atharv Tiwari (Vedant Sinha) is a box of laughter which whenever opens provides support, comic relief and giggles.
  • Raji (Samantha Akkineni) is an LTTE rebel or martyr who has been tortured and raped by the Sri Lankan Army. So, she came under the Wing of LTTE, which fights against the Sri Lankan Army and serves justice. 
  • Sharib Hashmi (JK Talpade) is a sight for sore eyes. He brings comedy to the screen and conscience to Srikant.
  • Ravindra Vijay (Muthu) is a Tamilian Agent with a good sense of humour and acts as a Translator.

The story shows – North India vs South India glimpses. The accurate thought processes of North Indians in South and South Indians about North Indians. 

I won’t give spoilers much but:

  • The story is about killing PM Basu when she reaches Chennai for a bilateral talk with Sri Lankan President Rapatunga.
  • We see Sajid, planting Kalyan aka Salman, as the boyfriend of Dhriti, so he can kill her as revenge.
  • Chellam, a legendary agent, has one of the most strong and comic scenes. He comes out of nowhere and he is the most cautious person you will ever see. 
  • We see Talpade having a moment with Police Inspector Umayal in Chennai, who was investigating a case where the victim was killed and chopped off by Raji.
  • We see how powerful LTTE was and even today, people stood by its side and attacked the police station when Raji was captured by the police. 

Finally, we will see in Season 3 Suchi confessing about her affair with Arvind. We seem to understand the theme for Season 3. We see China launched COVID-19 as a BIOWEAPON and North-East India being the hub of the attack. 

My views:

I finished the season in one go and every episode was unique and showed how our characters have evolved with time and each other. 

The kickass representations of LTTE’s movements and their ideologies makes us remember our History. How Indira Gandhi encouraged LTTE and how her son Rajiv Gandhi was massacred by them.  

The season beautifully portrays how Politics has destroyed the lives of millions of people and how politicians for status and commitments abuse their powers and make the lives of people working for them close to living hell. 

The acting of every cast is good and the combination of two powerful organisation gets us an Impossible Mission.

The show flawlessly scales the application of Hindi, Tamil and English Languages. 

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