call her beautiful

I just don’t get what’s wrong with our generation ?
We act like bunch of hippies using abbreviations and insults thinking it will make us look good or ‘dope’ in front of others.

The thing which astonishes me the most how the way people compliment each other. 
‘ oh, you look cool’ , ‘you look smashing’ 
why you want to call someone a temperature and how can someone look like they are breaking something.

But the sentence which makes me sick is “You look HOT or sexy.” 
Really, I am not a feminist but being a girl. I hate it as a compliment. 
Call her beautiful, that’s like a praise.
Saying hot or sexy seems like you want something from her like a sexual relation. A girl loves a genuine greeting but this creepy type.

When you give such a compliment to a girl, it shows you are not raised well and you are a desperate person.
Treat her right. Use words which you want to be used for your daughter or wife or sister.

Life is full of Karma ; what goes around, comes around.

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